The Awesomeness of My Hometown: Malingping

WaterMark - WP_20160110_17_12_18_Pro

I love photography. If I go to anywhere on my own, the dominating pictures on my phone will tie between the view or the atmosphere rather than some silly selfies of myself. Even at my home when the moon shone really bright or when it rained, I managed to capture some of (in my opinion) cool pictures. Speaking of home, the town where my mom and dad currently live is called Malingping. Don’t ask me where it is because most people don’t know the town even exist if I mentioned it to them. All I can tell you is that Malingping has some seriously gorgeous beaches to visit. If you are curious, here is where Malingping located.

Honestly, I never really felt like writing about my hometown. You can go through my blog thread and will never find a single article about my hometown until this one. What changes then? I had a couple of ass-doped pictures that are worth to share for the sake of that boring wallpaper of your phone that needs to be replaced by a new and awesome one (hahaha.. Kidding). Here are couples of pictures that I took by using my very own Microsoft Lumia 540. Continue reading