Pangandaran (Flash) Trip

I have actually prepared a boring article to report my flash trip to Pangandaran. That article was gonna be sent for a blog competition too, but then I decided to do something else, something less boring this time. I’m gonna report this trip in an old-fashioned way, with (a lot of) pictures.

Full members of the gang

Full members of the gang

First destination was that beach above. I don’t know what people called this beach is, but it was a refreshment after a long and (seemed) endless journey from Jakarta to Pangandaran. It took us eight ours to get to Pangandaran with an extreme way of driving by the driver. I was freaking out during the way and wasn’t able to sleep properly. We arrived there safe and sound, though. Taking pictures were what we did next.



Everybody was quite occupied with themselves.

Everybody was quite occupied with themselves.

It was a quick stop by the beach before we moved to our next destination that was planned by the Tour Guide. Yep, we hired a tour guide to make our short time well-spent. We practically only had one day for this trip.

The next destination was the famous Green Canyon, or local people used to call it Cukang Taneuh (that’s Sundanese, by the way). The tour will take us on to a boat to see the beauty of its trees and rocks. However, before we did so, we had to get in-line for almost 45 minutes because there were a lot of people who wanted to do the same thing as we wanted to. We took a lot of pictures there while we were waiting for our turn.




The time had come for us to see the Green Canyon and its beauty. We hired three boats for fifteen of us so each boat was filled with five people. It was the rule. Before we took the journey along the river, we were also explained about how the tour was gonna go. It’s a forty-five minutes tour back and forth without swimming. Indeed, we could’ve swum there, but our timetable was tight, so we missed it.


I was the first to hop on, so I got in the back. That wasn’t the plan.


This was the plan. :p


The beauty was beyond compare.


Look at those rocks. Beauty in darkness.

After finishing the tour in Green Canyon, it took us to a local turtle preservation in Batuhiu beach. We were given the explanation of how the turtles live before and after they were unleashed to the ocean. I managed to grab one myself and took a picture with it. It was kinda cute. The baby ones were even cuter. They reminded me of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles quartet.

If I kissed it, would it turn to be a prince? (It wasn't even a frog, if you know what I mean)

If I kissed it, would it turn to be a prince? (It wasn’t even a frog, if you know what I mean)


The beach nearby Turtles Preservation. It was midday, and the sand was freakin’ hot!

Without wasting too much time, we directly went to the famous Batuhiu beach and its rock hill. It was beautiful. Its beauty reminded me of Uluwatu in Bali where I visited earlier this year.

_DSC1035We spent about an hour there taking a lot of pictures. There were a lot of spots on the hill where you can take pictures with beautiful views.





The last destination was the ultimate one of the whole trip. We went to Citumang (or Green Valley) for doing semi body rafting a.k.a swimming! We were so excited to get into the water as soon as we got there, but it turned out we had to get in-line (again) waiting for our life vests. For the record, swimming in Citumang without wearing a life vest is forbidden. So make sure before going there, you prebook yours first.





Before taking three leaps of faith.

Leaps of faith. I call the leaps of faith because we had to jump at least three times from small waterfalls during the session. And for me, I trusted only my vest and not my disability to swim. At the first waterfall, I succeed. Well, almost drowned because my life vest was too small thou.

My first leap of faith.

My first leap of faith.

You know, jumping from a higher ground to a lower one is not an easy thing. Perhaps before we walk to the edge, we feel extremely brave to do so. However, as soon as you are at the edge of it, hesitate will come and haunt you till you cancel the leap. It happened to me for the second and third ones. I couldn’t even think of jumping the third waterfall because of fear for drowning. Although my friends kept telling me to relax and just float (yes, float not swim) then follow the stream, I still freaked out when I was near nobody. There was one part of river when the depth is up to ten meters and I couldn’t handle not to grab a long rope that was available during the last part of the session.

For those who love challenges, Citumang shall not disappoint you. It has three spots to jump from a much higher ground. The first one is available before the first waterfall. There is a cave where you can climb roots of trees and jump from its edge which has about seven meters high. The next one is available after the first waterfall. With this one, you don’t have to climb higher to get the best spot, but you just have to swing on a rope like you are on your Tarzan Mode.

This was Wandi on his Tarzan mode. He tried all the challenges there.

This was one of my friends, Wandi on his Tarzan mode. He tried all the challenges there.

The last one and the highest one is before we finished the session. There is a tree with a ladder and the heights is about ten meters. From the previous challenges, it wasn’t only Wandi who tried. The rope had the most volunteers from our group, but the last one only Wandi who dared to try it. Too bad we didn’t have our camera to capture his best moment.


Train mode, before the driver got tired of pulling us together. :p


Making a circle.

Making a circle.

A perfect one.

A perfect one.

That was the end of our journey because it was already dark. We didn’t manage to visit Pasir Putih beach as it was promised by the tour guide because we didn’t have more time. We had to head back to Jakarta the same day as we had our adventure together in Pangandaran.

A word of advice, if you want to visit Pangandaran in recent time, plan your holiday well. Take two or three days to be spent so you can visit all the beautiful places there and feel less tired. We kinda missed a couple of places because our time was limited, but over all we had a great time. It was one hell of experience and I would love to come back again sometime.

*Photo courtesy of Milda, Yudo, Agnes, and Nerfi.


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