The Enemy I Missed


As a football fan, there is always one person (or more) that I will consider as an enemy (enemies) because he supports a different football club from what I do. As enemies, we often do a fight. It’s not actually a physical fight, but more likely a mental fight. I did the fight with few verbal abusive words which sometimes insulted or even offended him, and he did exactly the same. Every time we had a chance to mock each other’s favorite football club, we did it in so many silly ways. I laughed once in a while because of that ridiculous fight of ours.

There is a reason here why I referred the above paragraph using simple past tense. Yes, we didn’t do it anymore. Our time as a desperate enemy for each other had over. At first I was glad I finally could shut him down completely, but then I realized that I missed his abusive words more than anything in this silly little world of mine. Just like tonight.

Watching Manchester City played against Stoke City with their only 1-0 winning brought back some memories that I had with him. Mostly worse ones. I used to mock him if City didn’t play well, and he defended his beloved club with all his heart. At that time, I usually felt nervous because his answers sometimes were unpredictable. I needed the best words to defend my arguments. I didn’t know about his feeling thou, whether he was nervous or not. I only knew that he always found words to fight against me and my beloved football club.

There were limits that sometimes we crossed because we were too pissed off with each other. Well, actually I made most crossing limits than him. I once was deleted from his Blackberry Messenger contact for calling him ‘dumbass’ (I felt sorry for that. I really did), but then he returned in the middle of nowhere and we were back to ‘normal’ once again. I guess he just couldn’t live without a single abusive word from his enemy.

Well, now he has gone because of something that a football fan could never understand. The last thing we argued about our favorite football club was about optimism towards the current position of City and United. I guess I went nuts by then. He kept mocking me, and I said something that he might not like. It wasn’t abusive. It was just a reason I made up about why he always mocked me. He said goodbye and never came back.

I had lost a good enemy when I realized that I shouldn’t have said that. Now I kinda miss a fight with him, about how he could always make my heart pumping fast when I waited a reply from him. My football life is a bit boring now because there’s no one who could make a few abusive words than he could towards Manchester United. Although there are a lot of people now are making jokes regarding United’s performance and position in the league, they don’t feel the same as if they came from his thumbs. When it comes for derby day which is a few weeks away, I will miss him and his abusive words even more.


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