Bukan Jodoh Pedrosa


You’ve got something your fans need, Senor Dani Pedrosa

Pernahkan kalian nangis karena sesuatu atau seseorang yang bahkan belum kalian temui di hidup kalian? Well, gue pernah. Beberapa kali malah. Ketika hidup kalian terobsesi dengan seseorang atau sesuatu dan obsesi tersebut melebihi obsesi kalian terhadap pacar kalian sendiri, tentu kalian pernah mengalami tangisan yang pernah gue alami. I was obsessed with someone I barely knew. I used to be obsessed with Dani Pedrosa, and yes, I’ve cried over him.

Jauh sebelum mengenal Manchester United sebagai pelabuhan hati gue atas jiwa tomboy ini, gue terlebih dahulu mengenal jajaran pembalap yang belakangan mengendarai motor 1000cc dalam perlombaan yang bertajuk MotoGP untuk kemudian menggilai salah satu dari mereka. Pilihan gue jatuh kepada Dani Pedrosa. Patut diakui, parasnya yang begitu rupawan memikat gue yang saat itu hanya kenal dengan Valentino Rossi dan Loris Capirossi. Gue yang saat itu Continue reading


The Enemy I Missed


As a football fan, there is always one person (or more) that I will consider as an enemy (enemies) because he supports a different football club from what I do. As enemies, we often do a fight. It’s not actually a physical fight, but more likely a mental fight. I did the fight with few verbal abusive words which sometimes insulted or even offended him, and he did exactly the same. Every time we had a chance to mock each other’s favorite football club, we did it in so many silly ways. I laughed once in a while because of that ridiculous fight of ours.

There is a reason here why I referred the above paragraph using simple past tense. Yes, we didn’t do it anymore. Our time as a desperate enemy for each other had over. At first I was glad I finally could shut him down completely, but then I realized that I missed his abusive words more than anything in this silly little world of mine. Just like tonight.

Watching Manchester City played against Stoke City with their only 1-0 winning brought back some memories Continue reading