Kimi Raikkonen is a Ferrari Man Once Again

Raikkonen during Italian GP Saturday's qualifying session

Raikkonen during Italian GP Saturday’s qualifying session

Heartbreaking is the perfect words to express my feeling when I read the news that Kimi Raikkonen is set to be returned to Scuderia Ferrari for the 2014 season. Don’t get me wrong, I know Kimi wanting a fast car to be driven in the edge of his career (he is 34 next October) which Lotus Formula One Team (his current team) couldn’t provide it, but couldn’t he find another team to sign other than Ferrari? Red Bull for instance? Oh, I forgot that blank spot Mark Webber left has already filled by Daniel Ricciardo for 2014 season. It’s just upsetting.

Kimi Raikkonen is my favorite Formula One driver ever since I followed this sport from 2007. That’s the same year when The Finn signed his contract with The Prancing Horse also the same year he became the World Champion with Ferrari. He had a quite successful three years with Ferrari until the team decided to replace him with much fresher World Champion, Fernando Alonso. The fact that Kimi didn’t give his last year driving for Ferrari made him replaceable in 2009. I never liked Ferrari and Alonso ever since. The decision in signing Alonso made Kimi ruled out of the Formula One races for two years. Now Kimi decided to return to the team which had abandoned him in the past. I just hope he won’t regret his decision.

There are some things that I concerned regarding Ferrari’s signing over Kimi. The first one is the team order. Everyone who knows this sport must have know how Ferrari treated their drivers with team orders. That Rob Smedley-Felipe Massa controversy in Germany 2010 only made it obvious that they are pretty strict for those team orders. The previous Italian GP is the latest proof of them. Alonso was a bit upset coz Massa was one grid ahead him in the qualifying session. So the team had it handled when Massa was told to let Alonso pass him in the following race day. Although the entire board of Scuderia Ferrari said they will treat Alonso and Kimi equally, I pretty doubt about it.

The second thing is Fernando Alonso himself. Look what he did to Felipe Massa in order to make Alonso always ‘up in the air.’ Massa never gets himself a chance to win or to be one step ahead of Alonso. There’s always be Alonso-Massa, and it’s never been the other way around. I read in the media regarding Kimi’s resigning for Ferrari that Alonso is not happy about it. Although Alonso stated on his Twitter account that he is ‘happy’ to finally know Kimi would be his teammate next season, I’m sure it’s just his sense talking.

I know Kimi wouldn’t be just fine if the team treat him like they did to Massa. He will fight for himseld. Two drivers who’d like to be number one in one way or another is in the same team with the same car. I hope Ferrari knows what they are about to do.

Well, Kimi himself didn’t get that ‘The Iceman’ title for no reason. I believe Kimi has made a lot of considerations before he decided to rejoin Ferrari. I’m sure he’ll handle the pressure with the team and Alonso. Although I’m a bit upset for his decision, I couldn’t do anything about it but to accept it and support everything Kimi has decided for himself.

Kimi Raikkonen is a Ferrari man once again. Okay. I should save those words for the early 2014 season right when the first time he’ll wear that red kit of Scuderia Ferrari and drive one of those F138. All the best for you, Kimi!


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