We are Family

From strangers to a family. I love you guys.

From strangers to a family. I love you guys.

It’s an ugly title, I agree. I don’t know why that sentence just came across my mind right after I set a new Microsoft word to write this new post on my blog. Maybe that’s because how I feel about the people I’m about to write. We were together not more than just four months in one place with a lot of personal business, and yet they have something special which make them worth to remember even thought those four months had been over.

Studying in the same faculty with different majors made us shy when we met for the first time four months ago exactly after we were placed into the same school. Imagining we would work together was the worst thing in mind coz I didn’t know about them. They knew nothing about me, and I was completely blind about who they were (well, except for my fellow English classmate). We speculated on each other about how he is, about how she does her job, about everything. Maybe, just maybe, I believe there were some of you who hoped that one of our guys in the group would be your future husband or wife.

Hahaha, just kidding.

Anyway, it is what happened after that what matters.

First month worked well. We managed to do everything together without trying to blame each other when someone made some mistakes. It was an awkward moment. Some people have made friends thou. Sometimes some of them were too honest to others even though we hadn’t known well on each others.

Second months and also the next month worked more than just well. Allow me to say these words of truth, “Here come the crazy stuffs!” These were the months when all those crazy personalities have failed to hide under those innocent and grown-up skins. Starting from a forum when we used to talk about religion stuffs, all the jokes and the insults came across the air that we used to breathe in our base camp. Oh yeah, we got our private base camp at school. That is a place where we used to share stories whether it is sad, heart breaking, hilarious, happy, and other mixed feeling things. Those stories also become the source of jokes and insults. Istighosah and Art Gallery moments only made the revealing true identity even more perfect. These open-minded personalities made us easier to enter others’ hearts and minds. I can tell you there are some people who I can read their personalities, but I won’t tell you who those people are. It’s just a guilty pleasure.

If I would just sum up those personalities, I’d say these words without directly pointing to the person who I thought they were. There are the wise yet crazy guy, the gorgeous yet a bit funny,  the generous yet sleepy head guy, the invincible man, a movie freak yet a bit fragile on the inside, a rude yet innocent (I actually kinda confused whether it is innocent or silly, what do you think, folks?), an obedience Korean freak, a strong personality yet fragile (it happens when she remembers Japan), a sensitive one, a know-everybody-on-this-planet kinda person, a person mostly talked about (I do feel guilty about it sometimes), a being-too-honest personality, a rude yet sometimes fragile on the inside, a shy one,  a fierce yet childish, and about the last one, she’s been my friend for most of the time I had my study in this university. But I tell you something about her, some kids in the class that we used to teach called her alay and tukang makan (if you know who I mean, hahahaha).

Think I’ve been too much talking, haven’t I?

Fine! I’ll go straight to my last paragraph.

So now that we finished our ‘pain in the ass yet precious’ moment at school, it is not the students nor the teacher I missed. It is you guys. You know I don’t have any brother or sister at home, right? Well, now I do. Even though we didn’t share the same blood, I feel like you are the best family I’ve ever had despite my parents. You guys taught me everything. You even taught me how to play PES3. It is sad that we will not be together as often as the previous four months, but we gotta strong to face what’s next challenge in our life. All I’m trying to say is, I’m glad having you guys as my friends.

PS: If I could sing a song, this lyric might suit how you guys are in my perspective.

“Here we come, come with me

There’s a world out there that we should see

Take my hand, close your eyes

With you right here I’m a rocketeer

Lets fly…” – Rocketeer by Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder


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