The One-day Brother


Virtual world doesn’t usually give you the thing that you want. Sometimes you hoped for a pair of fancy shoes, what came to you is a pair of fake ugly shoes. Sometimes you wished for a fake good quality football jersey, what came to you is an oversized fake football jersey. Even sometimes when you thought someone cared to you, what you’ve got was a fake ‘taking care’ from the one who you thought was your siblings. I’m almost givin’ up and believin’ that no one was a complete human being in the virtual world. Part of them was ever-hearted creatures. However, one person did change my view to that world ever since I knew him as a brother of mine.

Last holiday, I and my friends spent our time in Jogjakarta. City of students, they said. Ever since my friends mentioned about going to Jogja, I started to think that we changed our plan from going to Sawarna to going to Jogja. I was excited when they all agreed. I can meet my brother, I said to myself. He is one of the reasons I really wanted to come to Jogja again since 2nd grade of Junior High.

Let me tell you a bit story about how I met this brother of mine. He is called kak Didi and he lives in Jogjakarta. Almost every MotoGP fans in Indonesia knows him for his product. He is kinda person who you would look for when you want MotoGP merchandise. I myself practically met him the first time on the internet when I order those Pedrosa and Stoner long sleeve tees. The designs of his products were all fine, and that’s why I ordered two of his designs. We were on this customer-seller relationship for a long time. I ordered some of his designs after Pedrosa and Stoner tees. I like his products. They are all high quality products. Then something happened with him and we started to talk about each other’s private business without hesitate. From BFF, we decided to upgrade it to brother-sister relationship. I’m personally glad coz (as you know) I don’t have any brother or sister at home, so having a brother even though we don’t share the same blood and possibly would never meet forever is precious. I always wanted to meet him ever since. Wondering does he really that good? Or is he just like the previous one?

Last week when me and my friends got a chance to go to Jogja, I asked him for help to find a hostel for an overnight stay. He did what I asked. He found a great place that suits our necessity. Again, pieces of his kindness were scattered really obvious. He booked the place using his own money. A random stranger wouldn’t just do that without a particular reason, but he did it with nothing on purpose except helping us. Lots of my friends didn’t believe him at first because I literary haven’t meet him, so I practically knew nothing about him. I put my patient on when I’ve been told those words, but I kept saying inside my heart that I believed him. But then those terrible things my friends kept saying about him were vanished as soon as we met him for the first time.

Confession! This is what comes across my mind when I shook my hand with him, “Holy crap! I have a stunned looking brother!” It was a bit awkward thou.

Then, rumor spreads. My girl friends talked about him most of the time. They adored him so much somehow. Every single one of them admired his guts. Some of them even dared to talk to him directly without any assistant from me. You know what I could do about it? LAUGHING OUT LOUD!! My girl friends were just being silly behind my brother.

He is handsome, right? A Javanese humble good looking man type. Well, he is not just all that. Another good thing that he has is his never ending kindness. I mean he is kind to everybody! He made every one of us like his own brothers and sisters. He talked nice, he behaved nice, he did all the nicest things we would never possibly have with any stranger we just met. He accompanied us having dinner at Angkringan at night, walked through Malioboro street to Alun-alun Kidul (although that plan was never realized), and accompanied us in the train before we departed back to Jakarta. HE IS JUST AWESOME!!

He is pretty open-minded. He talked almost everything about his life he ever told me to everybody in the group like he has known them for a long time. I considered myself lucky to have a brother who is nice to everybody, and as great as he is.

The farewell thing was the saddest moment in that holiday of ours. I didn’t know who else feeling sad for not meeting him again after that day, but I personally really, really sad. You know what words came from my mouth when I was about to get on board? I said, “If a human ever had a duplicate, I would definitely bring one of yours to live with me in my house as my brother.” His respond was very realistic. He said even though we didn’t know when we got another chance to meet again, we still could communicate through the virtual world. Right. That’s the closest thing I could be with him after that day. I miss him more than ever now.

I burst into tears when our handshake was off after the train departed. I know it was kinda silly or even overreacted, but I felt sad coz I knew one thing that I’m not (possibly) gonna meet him again. I’m thankful thou coz I had a chance to meet with my brother even just for one day. That day was worth to remember in my entire life. If only he were my real brother, my sibling. I kept thinking about that on the train that took us all going back to Jakarta.

PS: Makasih kak Didi buat semuanya. Your kindness will forever be remembered in our hearts and memories. Mudah-mudahan kita bisa ketemu lagi dilain waktu, dimanapun itu. Thank you. :’)


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