Drunken into the Champion Euphoria

Setelah tertunda semusim, akhirnya Man United bisa meraih gelar ke 20, terbanyak dalam kompetisi

Setelah tertunda semusim, akhirnya Man United bisa meraih gelar ke 20, terbanyak dalam kompetisi

(Originally posted on April 23rd, 2013 via win9winchester.tumblr.com)

Champione, Champione, ole ole ole!

Welcome 20th champion title!

We’re officially the King of English Football. Yeah! #MUFC

That was my first tweet, my first Facebook status, and my first Blackberry Messenger Personal Message after Anthony Taylor, the Manchester United vs Aston Villa game’s referee blew the final whistle which made United crowning their 20th Barclays Premiere League title. The whole social media were exploded because of what happened that night in Manchester (or it was morning in Jakarta). The celebration went too early said the haters, but for me as a fan (probably all of United fans) that celebration was a slight relieved after what happened to United’s performance lately.

After what United have been through in their latest performance (draw and lost to Chelsea in FA Cup, unconvinced winning against Sunderland, and lost in derby day at Old Trafford), the lads finally could bounce back to their (almost) good performance. I mean winning in Britannia Stadium was never been an easy task, but they could manage by beating Stoke City two goals to nil. There was a moment of resurrection by the squad especially for the non-scoring striker since February, Robin van Persie. He finally could strike a goal to the opponent’s net in that moment even though he got that chance from the penalty spot. As it is sung by the supporters “Robin van Persie, he scores when he wants”, he stroke again when The Red Army went to London for a game against West Ham United. He was our savior once again when he scored an equalizer in the last minutes of the game (although haters couldn’t take that because the goal seemed a little offside). Before the West Ham game, United only needed seven points to take their 20th champions title in hand, so drawing against WHU made United only six points away from the trophy.

Life has gone slowly after that for me. Waiting for the weekend seemed like waiting for another new year’s eve in January. Big day for United would come in Tuesday morning in Jakarta so the fans were forced to enjoy couples of Saturday boring games.  And there came the Super Sunday with two big matches ahead. People didn’t really put their interest in the first Super Sunday game, they demanded the second Super Sunday was going to be more attractive. However, it turned out to be the first Super Sunday game which made a big difference for all United fans in the world. Tottenham Hotspurs made it to beat Manchester City three goals to one. Those three goals in seven minutes interval were phenomenal. Nasri’s goal strike was beaten by Dempsey awesome touch, Defoe strong kick from far side of the field, and Bale’s brilliant chip which made Joe Hart looked like an amateur goalkeeper. It wasn’t just Tottenham fans who were exploded by the winning, United fans as well. With the result of that game, United only needed three more points to end this title racing game with their noisy neighbor. Funny things about that match, Tottenham fans sang “Glory Glory Manchester United” after the final whistle. They even sang “You’re just sh*t to Manchester United” following the Citizens’ (ManCity fans) mocking chant against Garreth Bale). The awaits for Tuesday morning was longer than ever!

Statistically, United beat Aston Villa. However, this is football and anything could happen on the pitch. United fans waited for the day they could celebrate the title winning again after last year’s disappointment. They kept mocking on City’s defeat (including me), and showing off that the squad could nail the job against Villa. So there, the day has come. I myself watched the game all alone in my dorm as it used to be. The sleepy feeling has gone as soon as I saw that RvP’s two minutes goal. The lads were pretty confident on the pitch. It looked like they got a double mood booster to win the game that Villa couldn’t do anything about it (that Benteke’s shot was surprising thou). The second goal came from the same man who struck the first goal. Van Persie did it in a great style. He received a through pass from Rooney and then struck it in his first touch using his left foot. It was wonderful! Many of the football analysts named it as goal of the season. Strange thing that the goal was pretty similar to the day RvP was still in his Arsenal kit scoring against Everton. The third goal was RvP’s hat-trick declaration in the game. I appreciated Giggs for the assist. He could’ve shot straight to the net, but he passed it to RvP instead. It was a great game, the first half.

The second half wasn’t as good as the previous one. Couples of Villa’s strikes were dangerous for both our defending and our nets. Thanked God we got strong defense and a great goalkeeper for a bunch of saves! There was it. There were no more goal scored, United won the game and won the 20th champion title. The players, manager, and staff looked relieved and happy. Robin van Persie was spotted as the happiest man on the pitch. He looked relieved while thanking all of his teammates, Sir Alex, and the staff. The supporters in all stands were exploded and couldn’t stop chanting. United finally ended it in a great style with sixteen points advantage and four remaining games.

I know there are still a lot of job that needed to be done like chasing Chelsea’s points record, getting a top scorer title for Robin van Persie, and keeping a good form so that the squad members who are nominated for PFA Player of the Year and PFA Young Player of the Year can bring their very own trophy, but we can just enjoy this moment this week while the trophy will be awarded in the last home game against Swansea City. Guard of Honor will also be awarded when United play their four remaining games. Once again we are one step ahead from our greatest rival (are they still our greatest rival?), Liverpool. Number twenty for English football is a record, so step aside, Haters! We are now officially the King of England!


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