Jogjakarta Trip with Bees in Pictures (Day 2)

Day 2 in Jogjakarta, here are some pictures about where we were heading to. 😀


Leaving Mbah Ikri’s house. We were truly grateful for their warm welcome. 🙂


En route to Gunungkidul Regency

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The One-day Brother


Virtual world doesn’t usually give you the thing that you want. Sometimes you hoped for a pair of fancy shoes, what came to you is a pair of fake ugly shoes. Sometimes you wished for a fake good quality football jersey, what came to you is an oversized fake football jersey. Even sometimes when you thought someone cared to you, what you’ve got was a fake ‘taking care’ from the one who you thought was your siblings. I’m almost givin’ up and believin’ that no one was a complete human being in the virtual world. Part of them was ever-hearted creatures. However, one person did change my view to that world ever since I knew him as a brother of mine.

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We are Family

From strangers to a family. I love you guys.

From strangers to a family. I love you guys.

It’s an ugly title, I agree. I don’t know why that sentence just came across my mind right after I set a new Microsoft word to write this new post on my blog. Maybe that’s because how I feel about the people I’m about to write. We were together not more than just four months in one place with a lot of personal business, and yet they have something special which make them worth to remember even thought those four months had been over.

Studying in the same faculty with different majors made us shy when we met for the first time four months ago exactly after we were placed into the same school. Imagining we would work together was the worst thing in mind coz I didn’t know about them. They knew nothing about me, and I was completely blind about who they were (well, except for my fellow English classmate). We speculated on each other about how he is, about how she does her job, about everything. Maybe, just maybe, I believe there were some of you who hoped that one of our guys in the group would be your future husband or wife.

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Drunken into the Champion Euphoria

Setelah tertunda semusim, akhirnya Man United bisa meraih gelar ke 20, terbanyak dalam kompetisi

Setelah tertunda semusim, akhirnya Man United bisa meraih gelar ke 20, terbanyak dalam kompetisi

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Champione, Champione, ole ole ole!

Welcome 20th champion title!

We’re officially the King of English Football. Yeah! #MUFC

That was my first tweet, my first Facebook status, and my first Blackberry Messenger Personal Message after Anthony Taylor, the Manchester United vs Aston Villa game’s referee blew the final whistle which made United crowning their 20th Barclays Premiere League title. The whole social media were exploded because of what happened that night in Manchester (or it was morning in Jakarta). The celebration went too early said the haters, but for me as a fan (probably all of United fans) that celebration was a slight relieved after what happened to United’s performance lately.

After what United have been through in their latest performance (draw and lost to Chelsea in FA Cup, unconvinced winning against Sunderland, and lost in derby day at Old Trafford), the lads finally could bounce back to their (almost) good performance. I mean winning in Britannia Stadium was never been an easy task, but they could manage by beating Stoke City two goals to nil. There was a moment of resurrection by the squad especially for the non-scoring striker since February, Robin van Persie. He finally could strike a goal to the opponent’s net in that moment even though he got that chance from the penalty spot. As it is sung by the supporters “Robin van Persie, he scores when he wants”, he stroke again when The Red Army went to London for a game against West Ham United. He was our savior once again when he scored an equalizer in the last minutes of the game (although haters couldn’t take that because the goal seemed a little offside). Before the West Ham game, United only needed seven points to take their 20th champions title in hand, so drawing against WHU made United only six points away from the trophy.

Life has gone slowly after that for me. Waiting for the weekend seemed like waiting for another new year’s eve in January. Big day for United would come in Tuesday morning in Jakarta so the fans were forced to enjoy couples of Saturday boring games.  And there came the Super Sunday with two big matches ahead. People didn’t really put their interest in the first Super Sunday game, they demanded the second Super Sunday was going to be more attractive. However, it turned out to be the first Super Sunday game which made a big difference for all United fans in the world. Tottenham Hotspurs made it to beat Manchester City three goals to one. Those three goals in seven minutes interval were phenomenal. Nasri’s goal strike was beaten by Dempsey awesome touch, Defoe strong kick from far side of the field, and Bale’s brilliant chip which made Joe Hart looked like an amateur goalkeeper. It wasn’t just Tottenham fans who were exploded by the winning, United fans as well. With the result of that game, United only needed three more points to end this title racing game with their noisy neighbor. Funny things about that match, Tottenham fans sang “Glory Glory Manchester United” after the final whistle. They even sang “You’re just sh*t to Manchester United” following the Citizens’ (ManCity fans) mocking chant against Garreth Bale). The awaits for Tuesday morning was longer than ever!

Statistically, United beat Aston Villa. However, this is football and anything could happen on the pitch. United fans waited for the day they could celebrate the title winning again after last year’s disappointment. They kept mocking on City’s defeat (including me), and showing off that the squad could nail the job against Villa. So there, the day has come. I myself watched the game all alone in my dorm as it used to be. The sleepy feeling has gone as soon as I saw that RvP’s two minutes goal. The lads were pretty confident on the pitch. It looked like they got a double mood booster to win the game that Villa couldn’t do anything about it (that Benteke’s shot was surprising thou). The second goal came from the same man who struck the first goal. Van Persie did it in a great style. He received a through pass from Rooney and then struck it in his first touch using his left foot. It was wonderful! Many of the football analysts named it as goal of the season. Strange thing that the goal was pretty similar to the day RvP was still in his Arsenal kit scoring against Everton. The third goal was RvP’s hat-trick declaration in the game. I appreciated Giggs for the assist. He could’ve shot straight to the net, but he passed it to RvP instead. It was a great game, the first half.

The second half wasn’t as good as the previous one. Couples of Villa’s strikes were dangerous for both our defending and our nets. Thanked God we got strong defense and a great goalkeeper for a bunch of saves! There was it. There were no more goal scored, United won the game and won the 20th champion title. The players, manager, and staff looked relieved and happy. Robin van Persie was spotted as the happiest man on the pitch. He looked relieved while thanking all of his teammates, Sir Alex, and the staff. The supporters in all stands were exploded and couldn’t stop chanting. United finally ended it in a great style with sixteen points advantage and four remaining games.

I know there are still a lot of job that needed to be done like chasing Chelsea’s points record, getting a top scorer title for Robin van Persie, and keeping a good form so that the squad members who are nominated for PFA Player of the Year and PFA Young Player of the Year can bring their very own trophy, but we can just enjoy this moment this week while the trophy will be awarded in the last home game against Swansea City. Guard of Honor will also be awarded when United play their four remaining games. Once again we are one step ahead from our greatest rival (are they still our greatest rival?), Liverpool. Number twenty for English football is a record, so step aside, Haters! We are now officially the King of England!

Kontinuitas Malapetaka UCL

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Sebenarnya gue bukan pengamat sepakbola, bahkan bisa dibilang pengetahuan sepakbola gue masih minim dibanding kolomnus-kolomnus sepak bola diluar sana. Tetapi tangan dan otak gue rasanya gatel kalo nggak nulis tentang penurunan performa team sepak bola favorite gue akhir-akhir ini.

Kekalahan demi kekalahan telah Manchester United alami dibeberapa pertandingan terakhir. Jauh sebelum melawan Manchester City pada derby paling bergengsi yang digelar di Old Trafford, United terlebih dahulu menelan kekalahan dari tuan rumah Chelsea dalam replay FA Cup 4th round, hanya menang tipis dari Sunderland, imbang melawan Chelsea sebelum diadakan replay FA Cup, dan tersingkir dari UCL akibat kekalahan yang diderita dari Real Madrid.

Pertandingan yang disebutkan paling terakhir mungkin akan diingat sebagai pertadingan paling menyesakkan musim ini baik oleh pemain, staff, maupun fans. Bahkan SAF tidak berkenan untuk menghadiri press conference yang sedianya harus dia hadiri selepas pertandingan berakhir. Kekalahan 1-2 (agg. 2-3) dileg kedua UCL di Old Trafford dari Real Madrid memupus semua harapan fans United diseluruh dunia. Sebenarnya permainan United saat itu tidak bermain buruk (walau tidak sebagus Madrid) tetapi mereka berhasil bertahan dari gempuran bintang-bintang Galacticos. Bahkan United bisa menambah keunggulan aggregate menjadi 2-1 melalui goal bunuh diri Sergio Ramos dan mendapat keunggulan goal tandang. Beberapa dari kalian juga pasti merasakan bagaimana harapan untuk mendapatkan kembali treble seperti tahun 98/99 membumbung tinggi karena United bisa bertahan dengan baik setelah menambah keunggulan itu. Namun harapan yang telah jauh terbang ke galaksi lain tersebut harus kandas layaknya meteor yang terbakar ketika melintas terlalu dekat ke matahari.

Nani yang hendak menghalau bola lambung menggunakan kakinya tidak sengaja bertabrakan dengan Arbeloa yang datang dari blind side Nani. Layaknya semua pemain Spanyol yang (katanya) pintar berakting, Arbeloa lantas terjatuh dan terguling-guling lebay diatas rumput. Wasit seketika mendekat dan berbicara kepada Nani. Gue pikir wasit hanya akan mengganjar Nani dengan kartu kuning, namun ternyata kartu yang diacungkan oleh wasit asal Turki yang namanya susah disebutkan tersebut berwarna merah. Kandaslah harapan seluruh fans United melihat peristiwa itu. Emosi Fergie kepada 4th official tak mampu membalikan kartu merah Nani yang berjalan gontai kearah ruang ganti pemain. Kemudian seluruh pertandingan sudah bisa ditebak hasilnya. 11 pemain Real Madrid melawan 10 pemain United. Gue bertanya pada diri gue sendiri, jika 11 lawan 11 saja sudah keteteran, bagaimana 11 lawan 10? Hasilnya Luca Modric menyamakan kedudukan, dan mantan anak emas Fergie (baca: CR7) menambah keunggulan Madrid sekaligus memastikan mereka untuk lolos kebabak perempat final.

Luka yang dihasilkan dari pertandingan tersebut berdampak parah. Sepertinya pemain tidak bisa move on dari kekalahan tersebut. Meski performa para punggawa United bermain bagus di laga internasional bersama tim nasional negara masing-masing, United bermain tanpa arah ketika melawan Chelsea di leg 1 FA Cup 4th round. United tidak bisa menjaga keunggulan dua goal dibabak pertama dan mereka akhirnya ditahan imbang Chelsea. Mental mereka tergoncang. Semenjak tragedi Real Madrid itu, tidak ada yang mampu mengembalikan performa United yang superior ke form sebelum United bertemu Mereka. Ditambah bomber andalan United yang biasanya mencetak goal disetiap pertandingan, Robin Van Persie, seperti kehilangan kepercayaan diri dalam menyelesaikan sebuah umpan. Terhitung sudah 13 pertandingan dia puasa goal sampai pertemuan United dengan City. Strategi SAF pun akhir-akhir ini sering dirasa keliru oleh para pengamat sepak bola, terlebih terhadap pergantian pemain. I dont know what has been screwing with his mind.

Sebagai fans Manchester United, tentunya besar harapan gue terhadap kebangkitan United untuk memperoleh kemenangan demi kemenangan untuk terus berada dalam jalur untuk memperoleh trophy satu-satunya yang bisa didapat musim ini. Dengan sisa 7 pertandingan Premiere League dan keunggulan 12 poin atas rival terdekat (which is the noisy neighbor Manchester City), hanya butuh 3 kemenangan dan 1 seri memang bukan hal mudah. Apalagi team yang harus dihadapi merupakan beberapa team besar yang sedang berjuang memperoleh tempat di empat besar (Chelsea dan Arsenal), dan beberapa team yang sedang berjuang untuk bertahan di EPL (Aston Villa, Stoke City, West Ham). Peristiwa musim lalu cukup untuk mengingatkan fans betapa krusialnya pertandingan-pertandingan terakhir karena jika kehilangan poin, maka rival akan semakin dekat untuk merebut gelar juara yang sudah ada dalam genggaman satu tangan. Im sure nobody likes last seasons de javu happens in May 2013.

Derby Manchester – A Random Match Review by Winchester

Konflik yang 'lumrah' terjadi pada pertandingan besar dengan tensi tinggi sekelas Derby Manchester

Konflik yang ‘lumrah’ terjadi pada pertandingan besar dengan tensi tinggi sekelas Derby Manchester


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Semalam (atau dini hari tadi) Manchester City berhasil menjaga dominasi atas Manchester United yang bermain agak mendingan dari Senin lalu ketika melawan Chelsea. Dari menit awal kedua team sudah memainkan pertandingan dengan tensi tinggi. Permainan passing yang pendek cenderung menahan bola untuk berada ditengah lapangan. Hanya sedikit shot on goal yang tercipta bagi kedua team. Menurut apa yang gue lihat dari statistic permainan babak pertama, United mempunyai lebih banyak range shot on goal ketimbang City walaupun pada kenyataannya yang lebih terlihat under pressure adalah United. Menurut komentator pertandingan di Tv saat itu, City selalu efektif dalam menjaga serangan, namun United lebih efektif dalam bertahan dan serangan balik. Babak pertama yang berakhir tanpa goal pun terlihat memuaskan dan memunculkan berbagai optimisme dari pendukung kedua belah pihak. Babak kedua berjalan hampir identik dengan babak pertama. Penguasaan bola yang imbang, jual beli serangan, dan beberapa finishing dari umpan silang yang berhasil diselamatkan kiper. Hingga tiba pada menit 51 City berhasil mengungguli United melalui tendangan jarak jauh James Milner yang berawal dari blunder Ryan Giggs didaerah pertahanan sendiri. Sesuatu yang langka bukan?

Kemudian 8 menit berselang United berhasil menyamakan kedudukan melalui sundulan Phil Jones yang membentur punggung Kompany. Umpannya sendiri tercipta dari tendangan bebas Robin van Persie yang diperoleh dari hasil dilanggarnya Rafael oleh Toure.

Pada titik tersebut, seluruh pendukung United pasti berpikiran sama dengan gue bahwa hasil imbang akan menjadi hasil yang fair bagi City dan United. Ternyata kenyataan tidak berkata seperti itu. Gawang United kembali harus kebobolan oleh Aguero yang masuk menggantikan Samir Nasri dimenit 72. Aguero berhasil melewati 3 pemain belakang United sekaligus sebelum tendangan kerasnya berhasil menghujam gawang De Gea tanpa berhasil ditepis. Menyedihkan rasanya melihat kenyataan itu. Walau faktanya menit bermain masih menyisakan 10 menit, tapi melihat performa pemain United dengan finishing touch yang acak adul rasanya semuanya mustahil. Fergie mengganti Welbeck dengan Valencia (which is kinda weird decision, I mean you know how his performance lately) yang tentunya tidak membawa dampak berarti. Lalu mengganti Rooney dengan Chicharito, sang supersub yang semalam hanya diberi sedikit kesempatan bermain yang tentunya tidak cukup. Kemudian cederanya Ashley Young dimasa injury time yang memaksa Fergie untuk melakukan penggantian terakhir dengan waktu yang sangat-sangat tipis. Dengan sisa waktu seperti itu, bahkan Kagawa pun tidak bisa bertindak banyak hingga peluit panjang berbunyi dan kedudukan tetap tidak berubah. United tidak terhindarkan dari kekalahan.

Tensi tinggi dari pertandingan ini membuat wasit Mike Dean mengeluarkan banyak kartu kuning. Entah berapa kali wasit itu mengacungkan kartu tersebut kebeberapa pemain. Ditambah ada sedikit insiden yang hampir melibatkan perkelahian diantaran pemain makin memanaskan pertandingan. Hanya satu yang rasanya masih kurang, kartu merahnya mana Sit?