Last chance that is going to change my whole life.

The more the day gets close, the more my heart beats harder and harder. They are coming next week. YES! LINKIN PARK! My favorite band!!!

When I first knew the information of their plan to come to Indonesia, I didn’t know what I was supposed to feel, but this time I do. I feel sorrow, devastated, frustrated coz I haven’t got the ticket. Not the mention I followed quizzes like a thousand times from different company, but still the lucky is not ON me at those periods.

Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands. I know them when I was in 10th grade of high school. My friends introduced me to one of their famous song, Numb. That song is phenomenal. It’s like nobody didn’t know this song. I know I’m pretty late to know they exist in this international music industry. I remembered when I used to debate with my cousin about which one between Meteora and Hybrid Theory is their first album. I stood for Meteora, but then my cousin was right, Hybrid Theory was their first studio album. From that on, I began to collecting their information from magazines, news paper, everything I could collect. I lived in a city called Malingping which is far from big towns’ access, so it was really hard to get what I needed to collect. I guess that was also being my main reason why I don’t even have one their original album CD. What I have is a pirated MP3 disc which contains a full album from Minutes to Midnite until Hybrid Theory. No internet at that time. The internet which came to our small city a year later made me easier to gain the information about them from every single web where it is available. As for their concert, on 2006 I found out on an old teen magazine from 2004 about Linkin park having a massive concert in Ancol. I could only read the news and hoping they would come again to this country.

I used to sing alone in the morning every holiday using their song with a massive volume and an insane movement. I always act like there’s Mike, Chester and all Linkin Park member song along with My living room is my private stage. Not only that, I also listen to their song every time I make a journey. Kinda killing time. If I get bored, I start to sing even though I’m on the public transportation. Linkin Park is like my whole life, their songs simply inspired it. Every song fits my life story. That’s why I want to watch their concert so i could sing with them.

Here it is. Big Daddy (the promotor) made a serious break through by bringing them back to Jakarta for a big concert in September 21st, 2011. I remember I promised to myself to watch the concert when I first knew that news. My feeling suddenly broke when I found out about the price of the concert. The cheapest one is too expensive from a student who comes from a modest family in a small city. I cried spontaneously coz of that. I didn’t know what to do. It was like the bullet that I fire for my goal turn back and hit my heart. Started from that day, I began to think it too much. It was like not watching Linkin Park concert for me is the end of the world, but some of big companies on social networking began to start quizzes. I followed every single quiz that they carried out including the one that Yaris held, but the result was still the same. I got nothing, but I just won’t give up! This is the only way I could watch their concert in Jakarta. This concert is what I’ve been dreaming of. I even made one story containing Linkin Park on it.

This is, I guess, the last competition I follow to gain their ticket. So I just pray to Allah for what’s best for me. I have a faith, you know. If Allah decides me to watch their concert this time, Allah will give me one way or another to gain the ticket, maybe from this quiz or maybe from others, but if Allah doesn’t want me to watch them, every single effort I have done, I sincere. Maybe Allah saves a big secret behind all this. I believe in other plans Allah made for me.

Thanks Yaris for all this chance you gave to all Linkin Park fans in Indonesia. Andai semua adalah pemenang, sesuatu yang tidak mungkin terjadi. I wish I could show you couple articles I collected, but I left my collection in my hometown.

Last words, Thank you so much for this chance. :’)




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